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Organizations Related To The Pro Audio Industry

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Hollywood Local 695 - IATSE production sound technicians, television engineers, video assist technicians, and studio projectionists that serve the motion picture and television broadcast industries
Audio Engineering Society
The online source for purchasing production insurance.
Cinema Audio Society
The Digital Cinema Society is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to educating and informing the entertainment industry about digital motion picture production, post, delivery, and exhibition.
The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Emmy Awards
FCC - Check this site for frequency regulations
Film and Television Action Committee - Formed in Hollywood in December 1998, FTAC is an organization dedicated to recovering American film jobs that have been lost (runaway production) to foreign countries due to unfair trade practices. - Get rented production equipment insurance online from Heffernan Insurance Brokers
MPAA - Motion Picture Association of America
NAB - National Association of Broadcasters
NAMM - International Music Products Association
AMPAS - The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Academy Awards
Its seminar series helps participants learn very specific skill sets that qualify them for entry level work as a location sound mixer on any type of program or product that requires voice recording of on-camera talent.
SMPTE - Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers
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