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Aaton Summer Deal: Cantar X3, Cantaress, and Souriquette

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Product Code: SUMMERDEAL2019

Special bundled offer includes:
(1) Cantar X3
(1) Cantaress @ 50% Off
(1) Free Souriquette

Ends August 15, 2019. Aaton products are not available for export outside the US.

Cantar X3 Recorder - Features:

  • Improved interface menu accessible through buttons and jog wheel
  • All inputs and outputs monitoring and routing accessible through comprehensive and intuitive menus
  • 16 or 24-bit Broadcast Wave File recording at sample rates from 44.1kHz to 192kHz with support for pull-up/down recording rates
  • Sample Rate Converters on all Digital Inputs
  • Variable Delay on all analog Inputs and Outputs
  • 30 Second Pre-Record Buffer
  • Generous 48V Phantom supply guarantees 8mA to each of the 8 Mics inputs
  • High-Pass filters before the preamp stage, LFA and EQ
  • Native Monophonic BWF recording with optional Polyphonic real-time mirroring to removable media
  • Self-generated PDF and CSV Sound Reports embedded with deliverable media
  • Metadata entry of Scene, Take, Notes, Track Names, Roll and more with support for US and Euro-centric metadata templates
  • Scene/Take file naming structure
  • Aaton AutoSlate automatic slate clap detection and logging
    Built-In Slate Mic with External Slate Mic Input on 3.5mm connector
  • High Precision 1ppm Timecode generator supports all common frame rates
  • Remote Record and Stop triggered by external timecode
  • Rec&Play: Record live audio while playing back prerecorded files
  • Enhanced Playback Monitoring with Waveform Display on front panel
  • M/S Recorded Tracks automatically decoded to L/R for Mixdown and/or monitoring
  • X3 reads and displays battery metadata
  • Compatible with Original Cantarem and Cantaress

Cantaress Mixing Console

The Cantaress control surface offers comprehensive and flexible control for both the X3 and Cantar Mini recorders.

Twelve assignable channel strips feature Aaton’s ultra-smooth and maintenance-free 100mm magnetic faders.

Each channel has dedicated Solo, PFL, EQ and rotary Trim controls along with a second, user assignable rotary encoder that can perform variable tasks depending on your preference. For example, the encoder can be assigned to nominally control a Line Output, but when the EQ button of the channel strip is pressed, the encoder can temporarily function as an EQ control, reverting back to Line Out when EQ adjustment is completed.

Two hi-contrast paper white screens display the status of the 6 user assignable buttons surrounding each screen, and a collapsible LCD Meter Bridge runs the entire width of the Cantaress, displaying meter views, channel parameters and other functions, while being adjustable to fit the user’s desired viewing angle.

A dedicated Headphone volume encoder, 6.5mm and 3.5mm headphone jacks (3.5mm also functions as Ext Slate Mic input), a large rotary encoder for Jog Wheel functions, and a USB Keyboard port round out the features.

Souriquette Remote Main Selector

The Souriquette is a remote main selector with user functions keys that allows you to control your CantarMini directly through the remote. Also fits perfectly with the Cantaress.

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