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Cedar Audio DNS 8 Live Multi-Channel Dialogue Noise Suppressor

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Seamless Integration
The DNS 8 Live is the first DNS designed specifically for live use. With eight simultaneous channels of dialogue noise suppression (formatted as AES3 on XLR sockets plus DB25 using the AES59 pin-out) it hosts a new DNS algorithm boasting a simplified '2-knob' approach as well as a detailed editing mode that offers more control than any previous dialogue noise suppressor. Nonetheless, it retains the near-zero latency of all its predecessors making it suitable for use in all live situations, not just live-to-air broadcasting, but live sound in venues such as theaters, concert halls, conferences venues, and places of worship.

However, that's not the limit of the features offered by the DNS 8 Live. Recognising that many people will want to use it where there's no ready access to mains power, we have added a standard 4-pin 12VDC input.

Fail-Safe Audio Bypass
The latest revision of the DNS 8 Live offers fail-safe audio bypass implemented in the form of hardware relays that immediately connect the inputs to the outputs in the event of a power failure or other significant disruption. This means that the DNS 8 Live can now be installed with confidence in critical paths within the broadcast chain.

DNS 8 Live Remote Control Software (DNS 8 RC)
Cedar anticipated the needs of users who will want to control the DNS 8 Live using modern methods such as laptops, iPads and many other (perhaps as yet unseen) devices, so they gave it the ability to respond to a simple, web-based remote control interface. With its bundled DNS 8 RC software, the DNS 8 Live will work with almost any web browser. It's the DNS for everyone.

Cedar Audio DNS 8 Live - Features:

  • 8 channels of dialogue noise suppression
  • A unique, new DNS algorithm with super-fast '2-knob' setup per channel
  • Detailed DNS mode ideal for permanent installations
  • 1U rackmount with 90V - 250V universal PSU and 12VDC input
  • Audio:
    • I/O Type: Digital PCM
    • Data Formats: AES3 on XLR sockets plus DB25 (AES59 pin-out)
    • Sample Rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96 kHz
    • I/O Resolution: 24 bits
    • Process Resolution: 40 bits, floating-point
    • Processor Power: 3.9 GFLOPS
    • Latency: < 10 samples (0.2ms at 44.1 kHz)
    • Fail-safe audio bypass
  • Physical:
    • Power Supply: 85 - 260VAC; 50 - 60 Hz auto-selecting
    • Power Consumption: 15W
    • DC Power: 12VDC on standard 4-pin connector
    • Overall Dimensions: 1.8 x 19 x 9.5 in | 45 x 483 x 240 mm
    • Weight: 4 kg (gross)

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