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Location Sound Corp. STERI-O Lavalier Sterilization Kit

Location Sound Corp. STERI-O Lavalier Sterilization Kit Location Sound Corp. STERI-O Lavalier Sterilization Kit
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The STERI-O Lavalier Sterilization Kit, an LSC exclusive, is the all-in-one kit you've been waiting for. It comes with 80% Isopropyl Alcohol, Deionized Water, Citrus Degreaser, Cotton Swabs, and plastic bags with colored stickers to help discern which mic needs attention and which does not. Instructions included in kit:

1. Pour a small amount (approx. 5ml) of Deionized water (White Bottle) into a small container.

2. Remove the grid (DPA mics) gently by pulling it off the mic element. Wet a cotton swab with 80% Alcohol (Blue Bottle) and wipe gently across the grid to disinfect. To disinfect handheld and pencil microphones, wipe down surface with a cloth moistened sparingly with 80% Alcohol. Use caution to ensure that no alcohol comes into contact with the microphone membrane.

3. With the grid removed, dip the microphone capsule into the Deionized Water (White Bottle). Stir gently, shake the water off the mic, and repeat this step 2-3 times. Optional care: Place a drop of the Citrus Degreaser (Brown Bottle) on a clean cloth and wipe the length of the lav cable. This will break down and remove any accrued grease, oil, and salt.

4. With the grid still detached leave the lav out overnight to dry. After several hours it should be completely dry, ready to have the grid remounted, and returned to set (use an included plastic bag and mark with a green sticker to indicate it is sterile; red for ready to clean).

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