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Behringer X32 Producer

Behringer X32 Producer Behringer X32 Producer
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Thanks to its legendary onboard X32 mix engine, the X32 Producer can be your top-notch studio recording interface today, control a complex theater production tomorrow, or sit securely in your side-rack while you mix your band’s club gig from your iPad. A revolution in its own right, the incredible X32 Producer combines the finest analog I/O and powerful digital connectivity with ample processing for 40 channels, 25 buses and up to 152 signal sources. You can easily control every parameter of the mix directly on the X32 Producer using the 800 x 480 graphic UI, but the awesome flexibility of networked remote control literally opens up an amazing world of possibilities. Use our X32-EDIT PC/Mac/Linux application, X32-MIX for iPad, X32-Q for iPhone/iPod touch and X32-Q for Android to control the mix from anywhere in the room. You can even run multiple instances of these powerful apps at the same time, giving your performers the ability to mix their own personal monitors on-the-fly! With its 16 MIDAS-design mic preamps and dual AES50 ports, the X32 Producer can support up to six S16 digital stage boxes for massive I/O connectivity. Ultra-flexible routing options and 8 powerful stereo FX engines make the X32 Producer the ideal choice for handling audio now – and as your needs grow.

Game 2.0 Reloaded
The Behringer X32 has changed the game by completely rethinking what is possible from a digital mixer, and hundreds of thousands of users are enjoying the results. A fluid workflow coupled with a fully interactive user interface ensures immediate familiarity and instills confidence. Advanced engineering and meticulous design deliver stellar sonic performance at an extremely affordable price, changing the game entirely. Three companies shared a common vision to engineer and build the very best-sounding, technically-advanced audio products for discerning professionals. The X32 Digital Mixer family is the result of the engineering, manufacturing and application expertise of legendary console manufacturer MIDAS, the iconic signal processing genius of KLARK TEKNIK and Behringer's unique ability to deliver a superior value proposition. The synergy between these three great companies runs deep in the X32. From the pristine, MIDAS-designed mic preamps to KLARK TEKNIK's rock-solid, ultra-low latency SuperMAC networking technology and Behringer's completely re-engineered processing algorithms, X32 raises the bar on what a digital mixer can be.

Enhanced Workflow & Multi-Channel Networking
The introduction of X32's version 2.0 firmware included a dramatically enhanced workflow and the addition of all-new capabilities including "Acoustic Integration" for total connectivity and control of your speaker and In-Ear Monitor (IEM) systems. More than 50 onboard FX "Plug-Ins" were re-imagined and classic processor examples based on "True Physical Modelling" were added. Behringer also made the X32 even more flexible, with swappable expansion cards for connecting to other multi-channel audio networking via USB, ADAT, MADI and Dante protocols, in addition to the onboard ULTRANET and AES50 connectivity. Above all, the X32 puts the power of digital in your hands without compromise.

Intuitive. Immediate. Natural.
Whether you're accustomed to digital mixers or not, the X32's intuitive user interface offers a fluid mixing experience that instantly feels like home. And then there is the X32's latest version 2.0 firmware. Added were new scene management features and EQ functions, including a 100-band Real Time Analyzer, flexible library import/export capability and faster FX editing. Firmware also includes 16 new FX "Plug-Ins" based on True Physical Modeling of famous classic audio hardware. Behringer essentially "rebuilt" classic analog gear in the digital domain. And then they added digital networking that allows you to connect to the new TURBOSOUND iQ speakers via simple CAT5 connection. This high-performance iQ Series also includes authentic acoustic modeling of some of the world's most famous speakers, all remote controllable from your X32.

Motorized Faders
X32 serves the user a full complement of 25 long-throw, 100 mm motorized servo faders for primary mix control. Working in concert with the LCD Scribble Strips and TFT Display, the faders serve multiple functions while always keeping you informed. Separate fader sections for inputs and groups/buses allow for convenient assignments from inputs to groups/buses. With the ability to store up to 100 scenes, X32's motorized faders jump to life the moment a scene is recalled.

Channel Strip
The X32 Channel Strip puts the most important channel processing parameters into one section so that no matter which channel you are working on, the controls are always the same. Optimized control illumination ensures a clear indication of levels or status from any viewing angle. Illuminated rotary encoders and switches give you control of preamp settings, frequency shelving, dual dynamics sections, as well as multi-mode fully parametric EQ, bus sends, main, mono and stereo panning.

5" Main Display
X32's 5" day-viewable color TFT (Thin-Film Transistor) display shows the setting parameters you need when you need them. Selected for its high-contrast performance and outdoor visibility, TFT is ideal for concert and open air festival venues. Flanked by high-precision, context-sensitive tactile encoders, the screen comes to life and immediately reports in high definition all adjustments applied to a wide range of parameters. Intelligent design puts control of vital functions such as Effects, Metering, Routing and much more 1 or 2 button presses away.

Sends On Fader
X32 brings the convenience of digital mixing to your Aux and output bus mixes too, thanks to its integrated Sends on Fader feature. This function allows you to build powerful, dedicated sub-mixes for monitor, secondary zone feeds, and much more—all without affecting the front of house mix or levels. The X32 allows you to send your choice of signals to any Aux or output bus and then dial in the perfect mix via the channel faders. The console remembers where you set the faders and instantly recalls them when you select a bus for quick adjustments.

DCA Groups
DCA (Digitally Controlled Amplifier) groups allow control over several signals at once without actually mixing them into a subgroup bus. X32's 8 DCA groups let you control multiple signals via a single fader, such as the entire drum mix, the horn section, or the backup vocalists, etc. DCA control affects the FOH mix, while allowing the individual buses to remain unchanged. The result is a customizable workflow that provides maximum flexibility, but still allows individual buses and subgroups to serve the purpose they were intended for, such as zone sends, broadcast feeds, etc.

View Function
Across the X32, you'll find 11 strategically placed View buttons associated with various functions. These buttons enable immediate access to information about that specific function. For instance, if you press the View button in the Equalizer section, information for that channel's EQ is instantly shown on the main display, providing in-depth editing of all related parameters. This direct access to visual fine-tuning gives the engineer a level of control previously available only on consoles costing exponentially more.

Assign Section
The Assign section allows you to to set up short-cuts to your favorite views or parameters. Buttons can be defined to toggle parameters on/off, adjust timing of effects by tapping, or jump to specific screen views.

3-Year Warranty
Behringer products are made using state-of-the-art automation, enhanced production workflows and quality assurance labs with the most sophisticated test equipment available in the world. As a result, they have one of the lowest product failure rates in the industry, and confidently back it up with a generous 3-Year Warranty program.

Behringer X32-Producer - Features:

  • 40-input channel, 25-bus digital mixing console
  • 16 MIDAS-designed, fully programmable mic preamps for audiophile sound quality
  • 17 fully automated motorized 100 mm faders allow for instant overview, powerful scene management and DAW control
  • 8 XLR outputs plus 6 additional line in/outputs, a phone connector and a talkback section with XLR mic input
  • 32 x 32 channel USB 2.0 audio interface, with DAW remote control emulating HUI and Mackie Control
  • iPad and iPhone apps for professional remote operation available free of charge—no host PC required
  • High-resolution 5" day-viewable Color TFT for easy viewing of workflow components and parameters
  • Main LCR, 6 matrix buses and 16 mix buses each featuring inserts, 6-band parametric EQs and full dynamics processing, plus 8 DCA and 6 mute groups
  • Virtual FX rack featuring 8 true-stereo FX slots include high-end simulations such as Lexicon 480L and PCM70, EMT250 and Quantec QRS etc.
  • 40-bit floating-point DSP features "unlimited" dynamic range with no internal overload and near-zero overall latency for mixing a total of 48 signals on 25 buses
  • Powerful scene management for convenient handling of complex productions
  • 48-channel Digital Snake ready via AES50 ports, featuring KLARK TEKNIK's SuperMAC networking capability for ultra-low jitter and latency
  • USB Type-A connector providing file storage and uncompressed stereo recordings plus show presets and system updates
  • Dedicated and easy-to-use channel strip section with direct access controls and graphic user interface for intuitive workflow
  • Additional user-definable control section allows for on-the-fly adjustments of your favorite parameters
  • ULTRANET connectivity for Behringer's P16 Personal Monitoring System
  • Networked remote control via Ethernet for show setups with on-screen software editor via Ethernet
  • Built-in expansion port for audio interface cards or digital networking bridges
  • MIDI In/Out for remote scene recall or controlling other MIDI equipment
  • Rack mount brackets included for ultimate flexibility
  • Future firmware updates, including new FX "Plug Ins", downloadable from free of charge

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  • Processing:
    • Number of Processing Channels: 2 input channels, 8 aux channels, 8 FX return channels, 16 aux buses, 6 matrices, main LRC
    • Internal Effects Engines, True Stereo/Mono : 8/16
    • Internal Total Recall Scenes (Incl. Preamp And Fader): 100
    • Signal Processing: 40-bit floating point
    • A/D-D/A Conversion (Cirrus Logic A/D CS5368, D/A CS4385): 24-bit @ 44.1 / 48 kHz, 114 dB dynamic range
    • Local I/O Latency (Local In > Console Processing* > Local Out): 0.8 ms
  • Connectors:
    • XLR Inputs, Programmable Mic Preamps, Designed By MIDAS: 16
    • Talkback Mic Input, XLR: 1 external (no internal mic)
    • RCA Inputs/Outputs: 2/2
    • XLR Outputs: 8
    • Monitoring Outputs, 1/4" Balanced: 2/2
    • Aux Inputs/Outputs, 1/4" TRS Balanced: 6/6
    • Phones Outputs, 1/4" TRS: 1 stereo (in front armrest)
    • AES50 Ports, SuperMAC: 2
    • Expansion Card Slot: 32 channel audio input/output, various standards
    • P-16 Connector, Ultranet (No Power Supplied): 1
    • MIDI Inputs / Outputs: 1/1
    • Ethernet, RJ45, Rear Panel, For Remote Control: 1
    • USB Type A, Top Panel, For Audio And Data Export/Import: 1
  • Mic Input Characteristics:
    • Preamp Design: MIDAS
    • THD + Noise, 20 dB Gain, 0 dbu Out: < 0.006% A-weighted
    • Input Impedance XLR Jack, Unbalanced/Balanced: 5 kΩ/10 kΩ
    • Non-Clip Maximum Input Level, XLR: +23 dBu
    • Phantom Power, Switchable Per Input: 48V
    • Equivalent Input Noise Level, XLR (Input Shorted): -128 dBu
    • CMRR, XLR, @ 20 dB Gain (Typical): > 70 dB
    • CMRR, XLR, @ 40 dB Gain: > 80 dB
  • Input/Output Characteristics:
    • Frequency Range, @ 48 kHz Sample Rate, 0 dB to -1 dB: 10 Hz - 22 kHz
    • Dynamic Range, Analog In To Analog Out (Typical): 106 dB
    • A/D Dynamic Range, Preamp To Converter (Typical): 109 dB
    • D/A Dynamic Range, Converter And Output: 108 dB
    • Cross Talk Rejection @ 1 kHz, Adjacent Channels: 100 dB
    • Output Level, XLR, Nominal/Max: +4 dBu/+21 dBu
    • Output Impedance, XLR, Unbalalnced/Balanced:75 Ω/75 Ω
    • Input Impedance TRS Jack, Unbalalnced/Balanced: 20 kΩ/40 kΩ
    • Non-Clip Maximum Input Level, TRS: +16 dBu
    • Nominal Output Level, TRS: +4 dBu/+16 dBu
    • Output Impedance, TRS, Unbalalnced/Balanced: 150 Ω/300 Ω
    • Phones Output Impedance / Level: 40 Ω/+25 dBm (stereo)
    • Residual Noise Level, XLR And TRS: -87 dBu A-weighted
  • Display:
    • Main Screen: 5", 800 x 480, 262k color TFT
    • Main Meter: 8-segment (-45 dB to clip)
  • Power:
    • Switch-Mode Power Supply: Autorange 100-240 V (50/60 Hz)
    • Power Consumption: 70 W
  • Physical:
    • Standard Operating Temperature Range: 41° to 104° F | 5° to 40° C
    • Dimensions: 9.3 x 19.9 x 6.4 in | 490 x 506 x 163 mm
    • Weight: 25.1 lbs | 11.4 kg

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