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Soundcraft Si Expression 1 16-Channel Digital Mixer, Rackmount

Soundcraft Si Expression 1 16-Channel Digital Mixer, Rackmount Soundcraft Si Expression 1 16-Channel Digital Mixer, Rackmount Soundcraft Si Expression 1 16-Channel Digital Mixer, Rackmount
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Drawing on more than a decade of experience in the field of digital audio mixing, the Soundcraft® Si Expression exploits some of the latest DSP, component technology and manufacturing techniques to deliver Soundcraft's most powerful cost effective digital console ever! Each console in the range is identical in its feature set so your only choice is how many faders and local mic amps you want. With a range covering the super portable 19" rackmount Si Expression 1 to the Si Expression 2 with its 24 faders and 24 mic/line inputs, there is a model to meet all needs.

Taking the Si Expression 2 as a typical example, it features 24 recallable mic pre amps (16 on Si Expression 1) plus 4 line inputs, 4 internal stereo FX returns, AES in, and a 64x64 expansion slot offering more than enough scope to use every one of the 66 input processing channels. Every input processing channel has dedicated processing for high pass filter, input delay, gate, compressor and four band EQ whilst keeping it under control is a comprehensive automation system augmented with four mute groups and FaderGlow™ to light the way so you are never lost.

All Si Expression consoles have busses, output processing and connectivity to match the versatility of the inputs; the 14 aux/group mixes can be configured as 14 mono mixes, 8 mono plus 6 stereo mixes or almost anything in between, whilst the 4 matrix mixes can be mono or stereo as needed. The bus and matrix mixes are complemented with four more mix busses dedicated to the internal Lexicon FX processors all in addition to the left, right and centre busses. Each bus mix features a compressor, 4 band EQ, BSS graphic EQ and delay always available all of the time. Output connectivity is comprehensive with all models featuring 16 balanced line outputs, headphone monitor out, AES out and of course the 64x64 option slot.

To complement the channel and bus processing all Si Expression consoles integrate four stereo Lexicon FX processors based on the MX400 providing a wealth of sounds, user adjustable parameters and dedicated tap-tempo keys. As the FX are hardware based, use of all the effects, even on the most demanding programmes does not affect other processing in any way and all dynamics, EQs, filters, delays, and GEQs remain available regardless what you are doing.

Flexible onboard and expansion I/O options ensure your Si Expression integrates effortlessly with other system components utilising any of the Si series option cards including AES, Firewire/USB/ADAT*1, AVIOM™, CobraNet™, BSS Digital Audio Bus (BLU Link)*1, Dante™ *1 CAT5 or optical MADI. The MADI card, as well as being an interface to multi-track recording systems or plug-in systems like Waves, enables linking the Si Expression to any of the Soundcraft or Studer stageboxes to extend the I/O power and flexibility. Adding a stagebox to an Si Expression actually increases the number of channels you can mix at once not just how many inputs you have available to choose from! It is said that 'Power is nothing without control', and here, the Si Expression excels with a comprehensive but simple-to-use control surface incorporating a dedicated control for every parameter, a row of global mode encoders and colour touch screen ensuring operation is quick and easy.

As you would expect from any Soundcraft digital mixer, the facilities are extensive and include legendary audio quality courtesy of the latest generation EMMA™ DSP processor, the same DSP platform that has helped propel previous Soundcraft Si series consoles to fame. All this power united with reliability, flexibility and usability puts the Si Expression in a class of its own.


  • 16 mono mic inputs
  • 4 line inputs
  • Colour touch screen interface
  • 66 channels to mix possible
  • Pre/Post selection per input per bus
  • AES in and out
  • Global mode encoders
  • Soundcraft FaderGlow™
  • GEQ on every bus
  • 20 sub-group / aux busses
  • 4 FX busses
  • 8 Matrix busses
  • LR and C Mix busses
  • 4 Stereo Lexicon Effects engines
  • Delay on inputs and outputs
  • 4 Mute Groups
  • Freely assignable insert loops
  • Harman HiQnet integration
  • 64x64 channel option card slot

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  • Frequency Response:
    • Mic Input to Line Output: +0/-1dB, 20Hz - 20kHz
    • Stereo Input to Master Output: +0.5/-0.5dB, 20Hz - 20kHz
  • T.H.D. and Noise:
    • Mic Input (Min Gain) to Bus Output: 0.006% @ 1kHz
    • Mic Input (Max Gain) to Bus Output: 0.008% @ 1kHz
    • Residual Noise, Master Output, No Inputs Routed, Mix Fader @0dB : <-88dBu
    • Mic Input E.I.N. (max gain): -126dBu (150Ω source)
    • Mix Noise, Masters At Unity: <-86dBu
    • 1 Input To Mix At Unity Gain: -84dBu
    • CMRR Mic @1kHz (max gain): -80dBu
  • Crosstalk (@ 1kHz):
    • CMRR Mic @1kHz (max gain): -80dBu
    • Channel Fader Attenuation: <120dB
    • Mic - Mic: -100dB @ 1kHz, -85dB @ 10kHz
    • Line - Line: -100dB @ 1kHz, -85dB @ 10kHz
  • Input Gain:
    • Mic Gain: -5dB - 58dB integrated pad design 1dB steps
    • Line Trim: -10dB - +16dB
  • EQ:
    • HI MID & LO MID: 22Hz - 20kHz, ±15dB Q 6-0.3
    • Shelf (HF): 800Hz - 20kHz, ±15dB
    • Shelf (LF): 20Hz - 500Hz, ±15dB
    • HPF: 40Hz - 1kHz
    • GEQ: 31Hz - 16kHz 1/3 octave
  • User Adjustable Delay: 1 sample - 500ms
  • Latency:
    • Mic In to Line Out: <0.8ms
    • Analogue In to AES Out: <0.6ms
    • AES In to Line Out: <0.8ms
    • AES In to AES Out: <0.5ms
    • Stagebox Mic In to Stagebox: <0.9ms
  • Input & Output Levels:
    • Mic Input: +22dBu max
    • Line Input: +22dBu max
    • Mix Output: 21.5dBu max
    • Headphones (@150Ω): 300mW (recommended impedance 32 to 200Ω)
  • Input & Output Impedances
    • Mic Input: 2kΩ
    • Line Input: >10kΩ
    • AES Input: 110Ω
    • AES Output: 110Ω
    • Outputs: 150Ω (balanced), 75Ω (unbalanced)
    • Word Clock Used As Output: 50Ω
    • Word Clock Used As Input: 47kΩ
  • Lamp Output: 12v DC, 100mA max (per socket)
  • Power:
    • AC Input Voltage Range: 88-264VAC auto sensing
    • AC Frequency Range: 47-63Hz
  • Operating Conditions:
    • Operating Temperature Range: 5°C to 45°C
    • Humidity: 0%-90%, non condensing Ta=40°C (104°F)
    • Storage Temperature Range: -4°F to 140°F | -20°C to 60°C
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 19 x 20.5 x 6.6 in | 482 x 520 x 168 mm
  • Weight: 26 lbs | 11.8 kg

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