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Lectrosonics DR Encrypted Digital Wireless Receiver (470.100 to 691.175 MHz)

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The Lectrosonics DR Encrypted Digital Wireless Receiver is part of the DSW line (Digital Secure Wireless). Other DSW components include DB Digital Wireless Belt Pack Transmitter and the individual DRM Digital Receiver Modules.

The Digital Secure Wireless system, featuring AES-256-CTR (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption technology, is ideal for use in environments where privacy is of paramount concern, such as corporate boardrooms, shareholder meetings, and government facilities. As a rugged and high-quality wireless microphone system, the new products will also find a home in theaters, film making, touring and other demanding applications.

AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption technology employing a 256-bit key was approved as a government standard encryption algorithm in 2001 [FIPS 197]. The CTR (Counter) Encryption mode as found in the Lectrosonics Digital Secure Wireless system maintains low latency (2.5 ms overall) while keeping channel noise at a minimum. Key management is user selectable in one of two modes: "persistent", where the key is kept from session to session, and "one-time", where the key must be generated for each session (most secure). The system utilizes a special chip for entropy generation in order to ensure the key is generated in a truly random manner-thus complying with another government standard [FIPS 140-2]. The key transfer requires a simple cabled download, thus avoiding security issues with easily detected infrared key transfer systems.

The Lectrosonics DR Digital Wireless Receiver is a modular, six-channel design with a host mainframe that contains the DSP, microprocessor, antenna multicoupler and control interface. Receiver modules are installed on either side of the mainframe.

Antenna ports on the rear panel accept input from remote antennas, with a "loop-thru" output to another mainframe using the internal multicoupler. A kit is also available to mount antenna inputs (BNC connectors) on the front panel, with a coaxial cable routed inside the mainframe chassis to a rear panel location.

Lectrosonics DR Receiver - Feature Summary:

  • Six-channel modular design
  • Built-in wideband antenna multicoupler with loop-thru for additional receivers
  • 256-bit encryption - AES 256-CTR
  • Extended operating range
  • Analog and AES-EBU audio outputs
  • Ethernet interface
  • USB interface
  • RS-232 serial interface
  • Includes PC software for Windows/Mac

DR Receiver Front Panel - Features:

  • Front Panel Antenna Mounts - convenient when the receiver is installed in a rack mount transit case
  • Headphone Monitor - monitor individual or a mix of any number of channels. Volume knob recesses into from panel.
  • LCD & Control Panel - easy navigation of numerous setup parameters is pro-vided by a backlit LCD, membrane pushbuttons and a rotary control wheel
  • Encryption Key Interface - encryption key transfer and complete transmitter setup is accessed through a TRS mini-jack connection
  • Front Panel USB Port - a standard USB interface is provided on the front panel for the PC interface
  • LED Indicators - operational and power status is indicated by three LEDs

DR Receiver Rear Panel - Features:

  • Antenna Ports - antenna inputs and outputs to an additional mainframe allow "stacking" of up to three mainframes with a single pair of antennas
  • Audio Outputs - (6) XLR jacks provide analog and AES-EBU outputs in various conἀgurations as labeled on the rear panel
  • Ethernet Port - network connection is provided through a standard RJ-45 jack
  • AES Word Clock - the mainframe can provide the master clock sync signal, or sync to an external clock
  • RS-232 Port - control with third party devices is enabled through an RS-232 serial port
  • Power Supply - the mainframe is powered by 10 to 18 VDC from an external 4 amp source
  • System:
    • Operating Frequencies: 470.100 - 691.175 MHz in 25 kHz steps
    • Sampling Size and Rate: 4-bit, 48 kHz
    • Digital Modulation: 8PSK
    • Symbol Rate: 128 k
    • Data Compression: Proprietary ADPCM
    • Encryption: AES 256-CTR (per FIPS 197 and FIPS 140-2)
    • System Latency: 2.5 ms
    • Audio Frequency Response: 0 - 20 kHz, ± 1 dB
    • Distortion: 0.05% THD+N, 1 kHz @ -10dBFS
    • Dynamic Range: 108 dB A-wtd, NR=NORMAL
  • DR Receiver:
    • Sensitivity: -98 dBm for 10-5 BER
    • Diversity Technique: Noiseless antenna switching
    • Antenna Inputs: Dual BNC female, 50 ohm impedance
    • Audio Outputs:
      • XLR: Balanced, -50 to +5 dBU analog or AES-EBU
      • Headphone: 1/4 inch phone jack

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