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Location Sound: Pro Audio's Sound Choice Since 1977, Employee-Owned Since 1999

Location Sound opened its doors in October of 1977 with a mission to be the one-stop facility for production sound mixers for all their Sales, Rental, and equipment Service needs. Our audio expertise and legendary service allowed us to expand our clientele to include production companies, broadcast companies, law enforcement and private security firms, universities, houses of worship, government agencies, and more. However, no matter which industry you're from, we remain committed to successfully meeting the challenge of getting the sound equipment you need for your critical sound recording needs.

Sales Department: Our highly experienced Sales Representatives don't work on a commission. Rest assured the sound gear they recommend is based on what would work for your specific recording application.

Rental Department: Our Rental Technicians ask questions first to make sure you are provided the appropriate gear. They will even let you know if you're good with your existing set-up saving you unnecessary rental expense. They literally work with you every step of the way, even assisting with loading your vehicle when picking up your sound equipment rental package.

Service Department: We are a factory-authorized service center for major manufacturers such as Lectrosonics, Neumann, Sennheiser, Shure, Sony and PSC. In addition to product maintenance and repairs, we can customize any cable you need.

24/7 Phone Support: When you need someone to troubleshoot during an emergency, just call our main line and listen to instructions on how to page an on-call employee. We have the best response time in the industry 365 days a year!

Our Sales Representatives and Rental Technicians are ready to help. Call us at (818) 980-9891 or at (800) 228-4429, or send us an email. If you're in North Hollywood, stop by our sales floor or rental department and explore your audio options up close. We always have demo units on display so you can see and hear how some of the latest in pro audio gear works before you make that critical purchase.

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