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Rycote 033207 Super Softie Kit 416

Rycote 033207 Super Softie Kit 416 Rycote 033207 Super Softie Kit 416 Rycote 033207 Super Softie Kit 416
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NOTE: The Rycote Super Softie Kit 416 is perfect for the Sennheiser MKH 416, the rugged, all-round professional short shotgun mic. Kit includes: Super Softie Windshield and Universal Shotgun Mount.

The kit is also compatible with: Sennheiser ME66 K6, Rode NTG3 and Sanken CS-3e.

Aerodynamic and durable, the Rycote Super Softie Kit 416 slip-on microphone windshield and shock mounting system provides superior performance and unparalleled durability for your Sennheiser MKH 416.

Rycote Super Softie Kit 416 - Features:

  • Genuine Rycote patented Lyre technology for massive handling noise reduction
  • Incorporates Rycote Super Softie with 3D-Tex material for excellent wind noise protection with proven toughness and reliability
  • Super Softie length is only 9.5" and weighs less than 110 grams!
  • Fast, effective and easy to use
  • Shape and structure reduces wind noise at extreme LF and infrasonic frequencies - where wind energy is greatest
  • Universal Shotgun Mount ideal for boom pole use
  • Perfect for low-profile on-camera use with included solid brass cold-shoe adaptor

The Super Softie 416 combines excellent acoustic transparency with superb attenuation of wind noise. It has no rigid internal structure, causes virtually no polar pattern distortion and is extremely robust in challenging environments such as ENG. Its shape and structure allow it to reduce wind noise at extreme LF and infrasonic frequencies (where the greatest wind energy lies) more efficiently than previous designs. The initial noise reduction can be in excess of 30 dB and acoustic artifacts are extremely low.

Patented Duo-Lyre Shockmount
The Lyre Mount will hold your microphone and supply the best isolation against many forms of disturbances, which includes handling noise when handheld or used on a boom pole, and low frequency rumble and vibrations from camera motors.

The Duo-Lyre fulfills a 25% increase in effectiveness over the classic rubber-donut design and the cross-elastic methods by other brands.

3D-Tex contributes to amazing noise reduction by both its layered internal structure and its surface texture. It retains its acoustic properties even under adverse conditions. If 3D-Tex becomes rain soaked it can be squeezed out and shaken dry very quickly. If it becomes coated with dust, it can be rinsed quickly without affecting its performance.

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