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Jon Ailetcher, CAS: Production sound mixer for film and video. There are no sound problems, only solutions.
Scott Anderson: Austin, Texas based location sound mixer who along with his top gear, delivers a positive friendly attitude throughout the production day. Over a decade experience working on shows airing on most cable and broadcast networks.
David Barr Yaffe, CAS: Production sound for over 22 years. IATSE, CAS, and ATAS member."
Tom Brandau, Gwen Stutler, David Waelder: Production Recording Media Company can handle all of your music production needs from studio recording to distribution. Not only are they musicians and audio engineers, but music publishers as well. Their pool of creatives produce music, video, photography and graphic design.
Bayard Carey, CAS: A great site with useful information including many photos from films he worked on...see Jacques Cousteau, the Dali Lama, and shots from the filming of Selena.
Fernando Escovar: Production still photographer and director for a television and music video production company.
Scott Jason Farr, CAS: Since 1996, I have specialized in mobile Production Sound Mixing. I have ENG, Documentary and a mini sound cart kit - all of which work perfectly for space-restrictive locations including - airplanes, cruise ships, process trucks/trailers, RVs and trains. I am completely self-contained with enough battery power for a 12+ hour day, and can work with or without a sound crew.
Brian Gilbert: Location audio engineer based in Chattanooga, TN. Experienced, complete audio gear kit, passport-ready with extensive travel experience. Credits include Natl. Geographic, PBS, CNN, BBC, HGTV, etc.
David K. Grant, CAS: Specializes in location sound recording for feature films, television and music, both locally and internationally.
Brett Grant-Grierson, CAS: Production sound mixer for motion pictures and television.
Jeff Gross: 144 is a recording studio for music, voice-overs, sound design and web audio.
Patrick Holloway: Audio services for video and film.
Benjamin Lowry: Production sound mixer for Film, HD, IMX, Digibeta, and DV formats, from feature film production to run-and-gun documentary.
Ike Magal, CAS: Production sound mixer for features, television, movies-of-the-week, documentaries, and commercials.
Erik Magnus, CAS: Production sound mixing for motion pictures, television, and commercials.
Coleman Metts, CAS: Production sound mixing for film, TV and commercials
North Star Post & Sound: Location recording, post production and AVID rentals
Phillip Palmer: Production audio services for film and TV
Dave Schaaf: Production sound mixing for film and video
Steven Schwedt: New York-based production sound mixer for television, feature films, commercials, corporate videos and more.
Thomas Snodgrass: Los Angeles-based location sound mixer with a Recording Arts degree from FullSail University, years of experience recording and editing sound, as well 10+ years of experience with ProTools and other digital audio workstations.
Wolf Seeberg: One of Hollywood's most experienced Sound Mixers and author of "Sync Sound for DAT, DV,DVD" and "24P for Sound & Video Assist".
Thom Shafer: Production sound mixer
Tom Stasinis, CAS: California based sound mixer for television, motion picture and corporate video production.

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