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Klover MiK 09 9-Inch True Parabolic Dish

Klover MiK 09 9-Inch True Parabolic Dish Klover MiK 09 9-Inch True Parabolic Dish
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The Klover MiK 09 (KM-09) is a parabolic microphone with a 9-inch diameter. This size is small enough to be mounted on top of a video camera or concealed in a corner. It allows customers to use a lavalier microphone as a lobar microphone. Its performance is comparable to high-end shotgun microphones, and because the lavaliere is located within the parabolic dish, it tends to be more wind-resistant. While it has a wide range of applications, it is especially well suited for the EFP market.


Clean, Crisp Sound
The Klover MiK's collector dish is a "true" parabolic shape which focuses all of the sound energy on a single point. This single point focus delivers sound that has higher definition and clarity than that of other non-parabolic dishes (focuses the sound energy on different locations. In addition, all of the Klover MiK’s connections incorporate vibration isolation components to eliminate any unwanted handling noise.

Mounts On Camera
The small size of the Klover MiK 09 and its dual mounting system lets the unit be mounted directly to the video camera. The cylindrical mount lets the KM-09 be mounted wherever a standard shotgun microphone would normally be mounted. The block mount lets the KM-09 be mounted to a hot shoe.

The small size of the Klover MiK 09, its transparent dish, and its non-descript color make it almost disappear.

The modular design allows modules to be replaced to incorporate new features.

Wind Resistant
The dish itself shields the microphone element from the wind making the KM-09 less susceptible to wind noise.

Package includes:

  • Dish Assembly
  • Microphone Yoke
  • Mounting block with 1/4-20 hole (mount with hot shoe mount or magic arm)
  • Mounting rod for use with shotgun mic clamps


  • Size: 10 x 9 x 3 in
  • Parabola Size: 8" Inside Diameter
  • Weight: 1 lb, approx.
  • Dish Thickness: 1/4"
  • Frequency: 100 Hz - 15 kHz
  • Microphone: Omnidirectional
  • Focus Point: 1 1/2" behind rear (inner) face of microphone mounting plate

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