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TRAM TR-50 BSET+ Omnidirectional Lavalier w/ 3.5mm Locking Connector - Black

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Manufacturer: TRAM

Sales SKU: TRA50SET+
Product Code: TR-50 BSET+ (EW)

In this version, the TR-50 includes a 3.5 mm locking connector (via a 4.5' cable, positive bias*) for use with Sennheiser EW wireless transmitters. There is no TR-79 Power Supply in this package.

The TR-50 miniature professional lavalier microphone answers the needs of even the most demanding sound recording engineer. It has been designed with the latest electret development and electronics technology to provide high-sound quality with little or no visibility. Its small size and special design make it ideal for a variety of uses and fastening locations - particularly when situations require an unobtrusive appearance and hidden mic use.

The microphone element mounting and cable have been engineered to reduce rubbing noise to an absolute minimum. The custom designed cable is twin lead, multi-stranded construction that provides the greatest strength and flexibility.

The extended frequency response range and omni-directional characteristics have been designed to satisfy the most stringent requirements in all professional audio fields, particularly film and TV production.

Included Accessories: Cable holder (CH), Clip On Holder (COH), Tie Bar (TB), Tie Tac (TT), Wind Screen (WS), Tape Down (TD), and Carrying Case (CC).

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