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SESCOM IL-19 Inline Pro Audio Hum Eliminator

SESCOM IL-19 Inline Pro Audio Hum Eliminator SESCOM IL-19 Inline Pro Audio Hum Eliminator
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Designed as three-products in-one, the SESCOM IL-19 is the industry standard for instantly troubleshooting audio hum and noise problems in live sound and broadcast applications providing quick fix line isolation to stop noise at the source. Removes ground loop hum, mode noise and differentially induced hum without the need for multiple transformers, ground lifters or phase inverters. Other in-line problem solvers solve only one problem at a time.

The IL-19 is the only bi-directional device designed to plug directly into your equipment's inputs OR outputs!

SESCOM transformers are specifically engineered for flatter and broader frequency response allowing a hotter signal throughput without saturation. SESCOM transformers also provide superior protection against radiated noise thus reducing pickup of hum and interference from outside sources such as power supplies. The IL-19 keeps unwanted signals out of the circuit, but also reduces induced noise providing high-quality line level isolation to eliminate hum and buzz from interacting gear.

The IL-19 provides instant relief for:

  • Live sound equipment
  • Radio and broadcast audio
  • Line level equipment interface
  • Decoupling lines to reduce hum
  • Isolating drive lines to onstage power amps
  • Long line cable runs


  • Housing: High-Impact ABS Thermoplastic
  • Connectors: 1 x XLR Female, 1 x XLR Male

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