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K-Tek KHCW Klassic Hodge's Counterweight

K-Tek KHCW Klassic Hodge's Counterweight K-Tek KHCW Klassic Hodge's Counterweight
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The K-Tek KHCW Klassic Counterweight is a bottom attachment for K-Tek Klassic boom poles. While weighing only 1.7 lbs (770 grams), the Klassic Counterweight effectively balances and reduces the downward force of a microphone and shock mount at the top of the pole thereby minimizing handling fatigue.

As shooting days and individual take lengths continue to grow longer, boom pole operators everywhere are fighting fatigue. Even though K-Tek's Graphite boom poles are some of the lightest in the industry, a rigged boom pole might actually "feel" heavier throughout a long shooting day. Although the weight of the dressed pole may only be four pounds, it is the downward movement force of the microphone and mount at the far end of a long pole that's the culprit. Due to the length of the boom pole acting like a lever, the low weight of the microphone and mount becomes amplified.

The answer to the problem is counterbalance and the solution is K-Tek's Klassic Counterweight. This finely machined foam covered brass is 3.3 in (85 mm) long, weighs 1.7 lb (770 g) and is compatible with all Klassic Boom Poles (except CC - Straight Exit XLR). Once installed, the strain on the user is greatly reduced as the tiring off-balance force on the boom lever is balanced out. Although the weight is actually slightly increased, the Klassic Counterweight reduces the stress on the boom operator, so overall the boom "feels" lighter. For large payloads at the tip of the boom, multiple counterweights can be stacked.

Named after Scottish geometry mathematician W.V.D. Hodge, the KHCW, aka Klassic Hodge's Counterweight, is used by experienced boom operators like Ronald Wright. After several years working boom on the rigorous Hawaii 5-0 set, he explains "It saved me the first season when I did so much stuff standing in the water. When I put the Klassic Counterweight on, it helped keep me stable in the surf. And on the streets it helps me keep everything balanced when I work at a distance."

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