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Consignment Policy

  1. Location Sound's commission fee on consignment items is 20% of the final sale price.

  2. All consignment items are backed by Location Sound's 90-day warranty and, therefore, must be tested and verified by Location Sound's Service Dept. to be in good working condition, and must meet manufacturer's specifications. The cost to have items brought to spec (usually a 1/2 hour service charge) is the consignor/owner's responsibility. Prior to any work being done, a Service Dept. estimate will be provided to the consignor. Once the estimate is approved and the item cleared for operational integrity, Location Sound will release the item for sale. Location Sound will never sell consignment items in an "as is" state.

  3. Consignor will pay Location Sound for any service and repair work no later than 10 days after receipt of the company's billing.

  4. Location Sound reserves the right to demo or loan out the consignor's equipment for inspection by a potential customer.

  5. Location Sound will pay the consignor 30 days after the sale or invoice date of the item.

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