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Energizer L92SBP-4 AAA Lithium Battery, 4/Pack

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All of Energizer Lithium batteries' advantages combine to make them the World's Best AAA batteries in high tech devices. First, they are the longest lasting AAA batteries in high-tech devices, bar none. Second, both the Energizer Lithium AAA are 33 percent lighter than their alkaline counterparts. The increased portability afforded the user make them ideal for travel and situations where every ounce counts. Third, Energizer Lithium batteries perform well in extreme temperatures, allowing digital cameras, flashes, CD players or MP3 players to work from the Arctic to the Sahara. Lastly, Energizer Lithium batteries have a shelf life of up to 15 years vs. 7 years with ordinary alkaline, guaranteeing that they will perform when needed.

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