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Visual Departures microGAFFER Tape Rolls 1 Inch x 8 Yards - Classic, 4-Pack VDL-GT-1123

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Gaffer's tape is one of the most useful things on a location or set...but it'll never win an award for being lightweight. But thanks to the microGAFFER from Visual Departures, you can take a load off! Each roll of microGAFFER is 1 inch wide by 8 yards long, and weighs only 2 ounces (instead of 2 pounds for a big roll of regular gaffer tape). Instead of lugging a big roll around with you, just carry microGAFFER in your pocket or gear bag. You'll be ready to solve problems as they come up, wherever you are. So use it for anything the pros do: to secure or stabilize, neaten cables, label and categorize, and more! microGAFFERs are sold 4 to a pack and come available in a variety of colors: Assorted, Black, Classic, Flourescent, Gray, and White.

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