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Joe Props Joe's Clear Sticky Stuff - 1/2 Inch x 20' Clear Double-Sided Adhesive Tape

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Manufacturer: Joe Props

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When a shoot requires you to hang a sign on a wall, you do so but usually with the assumption that the wall must be restored to its original condition at the end of the shoot. In the past people have used foam tape, blue tack and an automotive window ribbon called butyl. Butyl is a tar-based adhesive that is incredibly sticky but leaves horrible black stains on the walls, windows, floors and worst of all, your hands and fingers.

Joe’s Sticky Stuff was designed as a solution for such sticky situations! It leaves no residue, won’t mar or damage surfaces, and best of all, won’t come off on your hands. It comes in a plentiful roll of 20 feet packed in a very decorative tin can.

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