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K-Tek KPCK20 Coiled Cable Kit for KP20 Boom Pole

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The K-Tek KPCK20 Cable Kit is designed for the KP20 KlassicPro 20 ft. boom pole. It requires the KPCCR Bottom Module to work. Top of cable features the KlassicPro Right Angle Low Profile 3-pin Female XLR connector. The KlassicPro boom poles have a removable headpiece therefore no soldering is required. Simply drop the cable through the top section once the headpiece is removed, plug the TA3F into your bottom right angle exit module (KPCCR) and attach to the bottom of your KP9 boom pole.

K-Tek created a higher quality coil cable featuring a low profile right angle connector. The KlassicPro Cable incorporates thicker gauge wiring and aluminum shielding to make it both stronger and ultra-protected from radio frequency (RF) interference. The KlassicPro Right Angle Connector is smaller, lighter, serviceable, and made with the popular Neutrik connector as its base. A solid strain relief makes the Right Angle Connector remarkably robust while securely holding the wiring in place. As an added benefit, the connector orientation can be changed by simply unthreading its housing, rotating it to the desired position, and locking it back in place.

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