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Lectrosonics BAGFRAME3-M Organizer for 3 Receivers, Medium Depth

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NOTE: This Lectrosonics BAGFRAME3-M Organizer holds 3 receivers and has a medium 7.5" depth (front to back).

The Lectrosonics Bagframe Organizer is a portable receiver mounting system designed to mount any Lectrosonics SR, DSR, UCR211/411, and DCR822, and to keep these receivers organized in a bag.

Bagframes are available in three depth sizes (Short, Medium, Tall) to accommodate a variety of commercially-available bags, with slots to securely hold two or three receiver units:

Bagframe2-S (Two Receivers, Short)
Dimensions (W x D): 8.375 x 6 in | 212.7 x 152.4 mm
Weight 7.07 oz | 200.4 g

Bagframe2-M (Two Receivers, Medium)
Dimensions (W x D): 8.375 x 7.5 in | 212.7 x 190.5 mm
Weight: 7.78 oz | 220.6 g

Bagframe3-M (Three Receivers, Medium)
Dimensions (W x D): 11.875 x 7.5 in | 302 x 190.5 mm
Weight: 9.5 oz | 269.3 g

Bagframe3-T (Three Receivers, Tall)*
Dimensions (W x D): 11.875 x 8.375 in | 302 x 212.7 mm
Weight: 9.89 oz | 280.4 g

The Bagframe units use snap-in inserts for all receiver mounting. Some receivers also require screws and mid-frame mounts. Thus, there are specific parts or mounting kits required to mount the receivers. Audio and data connections are all handled per receiver, via whatever audio outputs or backplates are used on those receivers.

These kits are shipped ready to be assembled by the user. All Bagframe units are constructed of aluminum alloy, making them very sturdy and tough and yet very lightweight.

*Although we do not stock the Bagframe3-T, it is available as a special order.

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