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Lectrosonics SRDB25AES Digital Output Adapter

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The Lectrosonics SRDB25AES Digital Output Adapter mounts onto any Digital Hybrid Wireless® SR Series 2-channel slot receiver and converts the analog audio outputs from the receiver to AES digital at 48 kHz. This adapter is especially useful when pairing an older unit like an SRC in a slot dock with a new receiver like a DSR4, thus allowing all channels from both receivers to enter through the slot in digital format. Note that Sound Devices 8-Series firmware must be v9.50 or higher for this adapter to work properly in an SL-2. The Sound Devices SL-6 will not recognize this adapter.

SRB and older SR receivers can be used with this adapter for audio and power, while no data connection is present so all receiver settings need to be made via the receiver front panels. The SRC has a data connection, and all previous functions are retained in terms of receiver control through the slot interface. SRB receivers with the FM01 update (an updated audio board) also have this data connection.

This adapter is taller than most other SR-Series bottom plates – it adds a little over 1/2 inch to the receiver case length. When installed on a unit, the resulting height is identical to a DSR4 mounted with a DSR4DB25 bottom plate. In other words, when a DSR4 is slotted next to an SRC with one of these adapters on it, both receivers will be the same height while in the dock.

The adapter is retained by two screws through the side panel of the housing, making it easy to install. Extra screws are included on the side of the panel.

Dock Mounting Adapter Screws Required Notes
A-10 Rack 27315-1 (2) 28967 + (4) 28864  
SL-2 none none Like for DSR4, the SL-2 has a friction mount system
Octopack DSR4OCTOSPACER included  
Quadpack DSR4OCTOSPACER included  
Unislot Camera 27315-1 (2) 28967 + (4) 28864 Make sure camera can accept AES inputs in slot audio.


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