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URSA Ankle Strap For Wireless Transmitters

URSA Ankle Strap For Wireless Transmitters URSA Ankle Strap For Wireless Transmitters
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URSA Ankle Straps for wireless transmitters feature a low-profile velcro, curved strap design, and a built-in Cable Pocket. To make the most comfortable 1 mm thick low-profile straps, URSA developed a unique bonded fabric with an outer surface that hook Velcro can grip to at any point. URSA Ankle Straps provide excellent stretch, comfort and breathability.

URSA Ankle Strap - Features:

  • Strap length is 15 in | 38 cm
  • Covers a size range of 8 to 16 in | 20 to 40 cm
  • Comes with a transmitter pouch in a Big Pouch size (W x D: 3 x 4 in | 78 x 100 mm) and fits the following:
    • Audio Ltd. 2040, Mini TX, 1010, EN2
    • Lectrosonics LMb, LT, SMDB, SMB, WM, UM400a
    • Sennheiser EW G2 & G3, SK2000, SK5212, SK9000
    • Shure AXT 100, UR1M
    • Micron Explorers
    • Wisycom MPT40 / 41
    • Zaxcom TRX & ZFR full range
  • Available in Beige and Black
  • Unique polyurethane Gripper keeps the Waist Strap from slipping
  • Built-in Cable Pockets secure your looped cables
  • Ultra low profile fabric is only 1mm thick

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