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Klover MiK 16 16-Inch True Parabolic Dish w/ Sound Devices MM-1, Package

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This specific package includes the KM-16 with Sound Devices MM1 amplifier, Sennheiser MKE2-P lavalier microphone, Koss PRO4AA headphone, electronic site, and carrying bag.

The Klover MiK 16 (KM-16) is a parabolic microphone with a 16-inch diameter—great for confined spaces where less reach is required. Yes, it is possible to have too much reach. Normal conversational volume level can be picked up from 200 feet.


Clean, Crisp Sound
The Klover MiK's collector dish is a "true" parabolic shape which focuses all of the sound energy on a single point. This single point focus delivers sound that has higher definition and clarity than that of other non-parabolic dishes (focuses the sound energy on different locations. In addition, all of the Klover MiK’s connections incorporate vibration isolation components to eliminate any unwanted handling noise.

Operator Safety
Handles and microphone yoke are made of carbon fiber tubes that crush into small pieces and lose all integrity when they break. Other brands use PVC which is brittle and creates sharp, spear-like edges if broken. You wouldn't want PVC anywhere near you if you have a football player charging your way.

Operator Comfort
The weight has been minimized by using carbon fiber components. In addition, a contoured neck pad has been incorporated. Adjustment of the neck strap is simplified by utilizing camera-operated strap adjusters. This allows the operator to quickly and easily make minor adjustments to maximize comfort. Lastly, the handles of the Klover MiK provide both a horizontal and vertical grip position. This feature allows the operator to alternate hand positions to reduce fatigue.

Replace Modules, Not the Whole Unit
The modular design of the Klover MiK allows individual components to be replaced if they should become damaged. In addition, the handles and microphone yoke have been designed to sacrifice themselves in order to protect the more expensive collector dish (patent pending).

The modular design also allows modules to be replaced to incorporate new features. The standard cross-bar can be easily replaced with a monopod/tripod mount (a monopod greatly reduces the strain on the operator).

Easy Set-up
The modules that make up the Klover MiK are connected using durable, easy-to-operate, quick-release connectors. The neck strap is attached using quick release buckles and can be quickly adjusted by the operator using Cam operated adjusters. Zip Tie slots are also provided for securing electronic equipment and cables.

Strong RF Link
The higher the transmitter can be located, the better the RF signal. Obstructions on the sidelines, such as people and equipment, can block the signal being transmitted back to the mixer. A mounting location at the very top of the collector dish allows the transmitter to be located at the highest possible location, without sacrificing the upper handle.

Easily Transportable
The Klover MiK’s collector dish is designed to be stacked so they can be transported without scratching the critical internal surface.

The Klover MiK 16 True Parabolic Dish also comes with:

  • Dish Assembly
  • Microphone Yoke
  • Handles (Horizontal & Vertical)


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