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PSC FPSC0023LIFECP Pelican LiFE Battery with Integral Charging Port

PSC FPSC0023LIFECP Pelican LiFE Battery with Integral Charging Port PSC FPSC0023LIFECP Pelican LiFE Battery with Integral Charging Port
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Capacity & Weight
The PSC Pelican LiFE Battery with Integral Charging Port is built in a rugged Pelican case. The rated capacity is 12.8 Volts at 20 Amp Hours (256 Watts). This battery can supply up to 25 amps continuous output (discharge) current. It can also be charged at up to a 25 amp rate using an appropriate battery charger (see below). Internally it is protected against overly high discharge current, overly high charging current, over voltage (over charge condition) and under voltage (deep discharge) conditions. In addition, our system includes cell balancing circuitry for longer cell life. All of this in a package that weighs just a little over 7 lb (3.3 Kg).

SpeakON & 4-Pin Female XLR Connectors:
The PSC Pelican LiFE Battery is equipped with (1) 2-pole SpeakON connector and (1) 4-pin female XLR connector. These connectors are used to supply power from the battery to your equipment. The polarity of the SpeakON connector is conventional SpeakON wiring. The center most contact is Positive (+) and the outer ring connection is Negative (-) Please refer to polarity markings inside all SpeakON connectors. The 4-pin female XLR is wired as follows: Pins 1 and 2 are Negative (-); Pins 3 and 4 are Positive (+). The pins are doubled up on purpose as each pin has a limit of 9 amps of current. By doubling up the pins, the 4 pin XLR output connector can supply up to 18 amps of output current.

The PSC Pelican LiFE battery is equipped with a dual LED volt and current meter. This meter will display battery voltage and output current in an easy-to-read, dual color high brightness LED display. Voltage is displayed in red LEDs and output current is displayed in blue LEDs. The display is activated via an easy-to-use, flush mount, protected push button switch. Simply press the button and it will display the voltage and current readings.

Internally, the LiFE cells are protected against many typical faults via electronic monitoring and automatic fault protection. In addition, there is a 40 Amp Slow Blow automotive blade-style fuse for ultimate safety. This fuse should never blow in normal use. If you ever experience a blown fuse, something is wrong with your setup.

Automatic Protective Shutdown
The protection circuitry contained within the PSC Pelican LiFE Battery with Charing Port will disconnect the battery from the SpeakON and XLR output connections if you short circuit the output of the battery box. Should this happen, you must reset the protective circuitry before you can use the battery again. Resetting the protective circuitry can be accomplished in two ways. If the battery has sufficient charge, you may simply push the flush mount "RESET" button located on the connector panel on the left side of the Pelican case. If the battery is discharged you can simply connect the battery to a charger or other source of 12Vdc and the reset function is automatic.

The Pelican LiFE Battery is primarily designed to be used with the various PSC power distribution systems. These include the PowerMax Ultra, PowerStar (rack mount version), and PowerStar LiFE. When connected to PSC's PowerStar LiFE, PowerStar EuroLiFE, PowerMax Ultra or PowerStar Zeus, this battery will be charged directly from those various units. The Pelican LiFE Battery can also be charged with most two stage lead acid battery chargers that are rated at a maximum of 25 amps.

Optional PSC Pelican LiFE Battery Charger
PSC offers an optional PSC Pelican LiFE Battery Charger. This compact charger is rated at 7.5 Amps of charging current and will re-charge a fully depleted PSC Pelican LiFE battery in about 3 hours. Pelican LiFE Batteries that are only partly depleted will be recharged in even less time.

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  • Meters: voltage and output current
  • Chemistry: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFEPO4)
  • Rated Capacity: 12.8 Volts @ 20 amp hours (256 watts)
  • Temperature Range: -4° to 140° F | -20° to 60° C)
  • Output Connectors: SpeakON 2-pole (mating connector Neutrik NL2FC); 4-pin female XLR,
  • Charging Connector: 4-pin DIN
  • Maximum Charge/Discharge Rate: 25 Amps
  • Dimensions: 9.25 x 7.5 x 4.375 in | 23.5 x 19 x 11 cm
  • Weight: 7.25 lb | 3.3 Kg)

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