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RF Venue RF Spotlight Antenna

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The RF Venue RF Spotlight takes a completely novel approach to interference protection. Instead of using high gain to overpower competing signals, the RF Spotlight creates a localized hemisphere of reception that targets microphones inside its boundaries, while rejecting signals intruding from outside. This approach enables wireless operators to increase the number of open frequencies available, lower transmitter power for longer battery life, and improve signal-to-noise ratio at the receiver.

The circular pad of the RF Spotlight is just 7 mm thick. It slides underneath carpets, under stages, or rests underfoot. No other antenna is as inconspicuous or easier to place than the RF Spotlight. Installation couldn't be easier. Just attach the 50 lb test connector to either of a receiver's two antenna inputs, and place on or underneath a carpet or floor. The conducting elements are securely embedded in a durable non-slip polymer, so the Spotlight withstands years of punishing abuse.

RF Venue RF Spotlight Antenna - Features:

  • Enables wireless microphones to operate under brutal RF conditions
  • Antenna housed in durable 7mm thin floor pad for deployment under carpets or stages
  • 10 ft. BNC cable lead
  • Requires (1) coaxial cable (not included)
  • Operating Frequency: 470-698 MHz
  • Operating Frequency: 470-698 MHz
  • Bandwidth: 272 MHz
  • Average Return Loss: -7.04 dBm
  • Impedance: 50 Ω
  • Pattern Type: Floor Omni
  • Gain: -1 dBd
  • Transmit Power (max): 100 mW
  • Polarization: Elliptical
  • Operating Temperature: -14° -40°F | -10° -40°C
  • Mounting Location: Floor
  • Color/Reflectance: Stage Gray 18% Avg.
  • Connector: BNC Female
  • Dimensions (Diameter / Thickness): 19.0 / .26 in | 483 / 7 mm
  • Weight: 3 lbs | 1.4 kg

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