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Sanken CSS-50 Stereo (Normal/Wide) Mono Switchable Shotgun Microphone

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The Sanken CSS-50 is an affordable, easy-to-operate and flexible stereo shotgun for use in broadcasting and film. The CSS-50's 3-diaphragm electret condenser mic offers innovative technology in a short, practical form factor.

The selectable CSS-50 clearly captures stereo center-targeted sound with moderate ambience. To achieve this, Sanken developed the 3-capsule CSS-50 to capture the center sound like a normal shotgun with the addition of two mic capsules for variable stereo imaging.

The CSS-50 offers three distinct operation modes:
1. MONO - offers sharp shotgun directivity
2. NORMAL (stereo) - provides precise stereo localization
3. WIDE (stereo) - allows for expanded 140° stereo, ideal for cinematic ambience and sound effects

Unlike conventional approaches, the CSS-50 is especially effective in the 400 Hz to 3 kHz range for optimum stereophonic perception.

Thanks to Sanken's original thin square capsule design, the capsules can be stacked in the short sound tube, providing performance equivalent to the CSS-5 in a more compact body. The high-performance electret condenser capsules are equivalent in response to DC-biased capsules.

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