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Sennheiser EK 6042 Two Channel Portable Camera Receiver

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The true-diversity, two-channel Sennheiser EK 6042 can work with analogue and digital Sennheiser transmitters or a mix thereof across a bandwidth of 184 MHz. It is an ideal partner for Sennheiser’s top-of-the-line Digital 9000 series and all analogue transmitters that feature HiDyn plus or HDX companders. The EK 6042 auto-configures to these transmitters via IR, saving set-up time and hassle for broadcast and filming crews who place a high value on sound quality and wireless reliability.

Sennheiser EK 6042 - Features:

  • 2 channel true diversity receiver
  • 184 MHz switching bandwidth (470 – 654 MHz)
  • HDX, HiDyn+ and Digital 9000 compatible
  • Camera adapters for Sony and Panasonic (Unislot)
  • SuperSlot-compatible
  • Optional backpanel adapter and batterypack (hot swappable)
  • Auto configuration and scene setup
  • Hi-res OLED display
  • USB web interface
  • Analog and digital output (AES)
  • Command (push-to-talk) output
  • Headphone out
  • Top auxiliary output
  • Beltpack clip

Web Interface
The EK 6042 can be connected to PC or Mac platforms and be configured within the browser via its USB connector. There is no need to install any additional software. For example, users can import or export data as well as enter transmitter profiles and lists of managed or licensed frequencies.

Camera Compatibility
The 15-pin and the 25-pin adaptors are available separately to ensure compatibility with all common camera brands. The EK 6042 receiver is SuperSlot-compatible and works seamlessly with ARRI, Panasonic (both Unislot) and Sony cameras as well as Sound Devices equipment.

For camcorders without an audio receiver slot, the EK 6042 can be camera-mounted using a special backpanel adaptor, which is also available for purchase separately. If the camera does not supply power to the receiver, a "piggyback" power adaptor can be attached to this housing and fitted with two hot-swappable BA 61 battery packs that allow an exact read-out of the remaining operating time.

  • Receiver Principle: Super-heterodyne with digital demodulation
  • Diversity: True diversity (2 x 2 receivers)
  • Receiving Channels: Two
  • Receiver Compatibility:
    • Digital Modulation: Digital 9000, long-range mode
    • Wideband FM: HiDyn plus, HDX
  • Frequency Range: 470 to 654 MHz
  • Switching Bandwidth: 184 MHz, in steps of 5 kHz
  • Sensitivity:
    • < -90 dBm (digital modulation) at first audio dist.
    • < -94 dBm (wideband FM) at 52 dB audio SNR
  • Adjacent Channel Rejection: Typ. 70 dB
  • Audio Frequency Reponse: 40 to 20,000 Hz (± 3 dB)
  • Dynamics: Typ. 110 dB (A)
  • THD:
    • Typ. 0.03% (digital modulation)
    • Typ. 0.2% (wideband FM)
  • Latency:
    • 3.0 ms (AES3, digital modulation)
    • 1.5 ms (AES3, wideband FM)
  • Audio Outputs:
    • 5-pin mini-XLR-M, balanced
    • MAIN 1 and 2, digital: 0 dBFs, AES3, 48 kHz, 24 bit
    • MAIN 1 and 2, analogue: -22 dBu to +8 dBu(adjustable)
    • AUX 1 and 2, analogue: -22 dBu to +8 dBu (adjustable)
  • Configuration Port: Micro-USB socket, Type B

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