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Sound Guys Solutions Lav-Rod: Talent Miking Accessory w/ LB-LECTRO (TA/MINI XLR)

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The Lav-Rod is made out of a very thin, yet extremely strong carbon fiber rod. The rod is set at a standard 44" length (long enough to wire a 6-foot tall person). The components of the Lav-Rod are machined out of DELRIN (hard plastic) and used to connect the lavalier and assist with pushing the wire down tight pants.

The use of DELRIN is important because the product will not get extremely cold or hot as would using metal parts would, which makes the process of feeding a wire down much more comfortable and relatively less obtrusive to the talent.

The components of the Lav-Rod are connected using a coated stainless steel wire, which allows the connecting adapter to lay flat against the rod as it is being pushed down the clothing. When it gets to the bottom past the pant leg, it will open up making it easier to grab and disconnect the lavaliere. Once disconnected, pulling up on the Lav-Rod will make the adapter follow up behind the rod, ensuring that it doesn’t get caught or snagged on the clothing. There are no sharp edges or areas that may damage clothing or scratch the talent.

The Lav-Rod works with all of the Lav-Bullet accessories, so you can interchange all of your adapters depending on the job at hand.

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