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Genelec 8030C Studio Monitor

Genelec 8030C Studio Monitor Genelec 8030C Studio Monitor
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The Genelec 8030C is a two-way biamplified active monitoring loudspeaker designed to be small but still have high output, low coloration, and broad bandwidth.

The 8030C is ideal for near field monitoring, mobile vans, broadcast and TV control rooms, surround sound systems, home studios, multimedia applications and also for use with computer soundcards. As an active loudspeaker, it contains drivers, power amplifiers, active crossover filters and protection circuitry. The MDE (Minimum Diffraction Enclosure) loudspeaker enclosure is made of die-cast aluminium and shaped to reduce edge diffraction. Combined with the advanced Directivity Control WaveguideTM (DCWTM), this design provides excellent frequency balance in difficult acoustic environments. If necessary, the bass response of the 8030C can be extended with a suitable Genelec subwoofer.

Positioning The Loudspeaker
Each 8030C monitor is supplied with an integrated amplifier unit, mains cable and an operating manual. After unpacking, place the loudspeaker in its required listening position, taking note of the line of the acoustic axis. The axes of all loudspeakers should converge at ear height at the listening position.

Connect the audio cables first and the mains power cables only after you have completed the audio cabling. Do not connect the loudspeaker to an unearthed mains supply or using an unearthed mains cable.

Audio input is via a 10 kOhm balanced female XLR connector labeled "INPUT". An unbalanced source may be used as long as pin 3 is grounded to pin 1 at the unbalanced source connector. Once the connections have been made, the loudspeakers are ready to be switched on.

ISS™ Auto-Start Function
When the power switch on the back panel of the loudspeaker is set to "ON", the Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS) autostart function of the 8030C is active. Automatic powering down to standby mode happens after a certain time when playback has ended. The power consumption in standby mode is typically less than 0.5 watts. The playback will automatically resume once an input signal is detected from the source.

There is a slight delay in the automatic powering up. If this is undesirable, the ISS function can be disabled by setting the "ISS" switch on the back panel to "OFF". In this mode, the monitor is powered on and off using the power switch on the back panel.

The 8030B offers several mounting options. The vibration insulating Isolation Positioner Decoupler™ (Iso-Pod) table stand allows tilting the speaker for correct alignment of the acoustic axis. The stand can be attached to three mounting points allowing vertical and symmetrical horizontal positioning. On the base of the monitor is a 3/8" UNC threaded hole which can accommodate a standard microphone stand. On the rear, there are two M6x10 mm threaded holes for an Omnimount" size 20.5 bracket.

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  • System Specifications:
    • Lower Cut-Off Frequency, -6 dB: ≤ 47 Hz
    • Upper Cut-Off Frequency, -6 dB: ≥ 25 kHz
    • Accuracy of Frequency Response: 54 Hz - 20 kHz (± 2.0 dB)
    • Maximum Short Term Sine Wave Acoustic Output On Axis In Half Space, Averaged From 100 Hz - 3 kHz: @ l m ≥ l00 dB SPL
    • Maximum Long Term RMS Acoustic Output In Same Conditions With IEC-Weighted Noise (Limited By Driver Unit Protection Circuit): @ 1 m ≥ 96 dB SPL
    • Maximum Peak Acoustic Output Per Pair @ 1 m From The Engineer With Music Material: ≥ 110 dB
    • Self Generated Noise Level In Free Field @ 1 m On Axis: ≤ 5 dB (A-weighted)
    • Harmonic Distortion @ 85 dB SPL @ 1 m On Axis:
      • Frequency: 50 - 100 Hz, < 2%
      • Frequency: > 100 Hz, < 0.5%
    • Drivers:
      • Bass: 130 mm (5 in) cone
      • Treble: 19 mm (3/4 in) metal dome
    • Dimensions (H x W x D):
      • With Iso-Pod Table Stand: 11 13/16 x 7 7/16 x 7 in | 299 x 189 x 178 mm
      • Height Without Iso-Pod Table Stand: 11 1/4 in | 285 mm
    • Weight: 11 lbs | 5 kg
  • Amplifier Section:
    • Bass Amplifier Output Power: 50 W
    • Treble Amplifier Output Power: 50 W
    • Amplifier System Distortion At Nominal Output: THD: ≤ 0.05%
    • Mains Voltage: 100 - 240 V AC 50 - 60 Hz
    • Voltage Operating Range: ± 10%
    • Power Consumption:
      • Standby in ISS Mode: < 0.5W
      • Idle: 3 W
      • Full Output: 60 W
  • Crossover Section:
    • Input Connector: XLR Female, Balanced 10 kOhm; Pin 1 = Ground, Pin 2 = +, Pin 3 = -
    • Input Level for 100 dB SPL Output @ 1m: -6 dBu
    • Input Sensitivity Control Range Relative to Max Output: -12 dB (constantly variable)
    • Crossover Frequency, Bass/Treble: 3.0 kHz
    • Treble Tilt Control Operating Range: 0 to -2 dB @ 15 kHz
    • Bass Roll-Off Control: -4 dB step @ 55 Hz
    • Bass Tilt Control: 0 to -6 dB @ 100 Hz in -2 dB steps
    • Desktop Control: -4 dB @ 160 Hz

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