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Ambient ACN-CL Lockit Synchronizer

Ambient ACN-CL Lockit Synchronizer Ambient ACN-CL Lockit Synchronizer Ambient ACN-CL Lockit Synchronizer
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Since its first appearance in 1993, the ACL Lockit become synonymous to reliable on-set synchronization. Over time it was updated with a host of features now taken for granted: from HD sync to metadata, two AAs soon replaced the 9V battery, flying leads changed to fixed sockets, the BNC timecode output was sacrificed in favor of a second Lemo sporting TC I/O and a serial metadata port, a display-guided menu thrown-in, etc.

Despite all these changes and a massive increase of processing power, Ambient maintained the Lockit's iconic form. But it's time to usher in the next generation of Lockit, the ACN-CL Lockit Synchronizer.

A Lockit at its core, the ACN-CL inherits all the unique and appreciated features of its predecessors, including its ease-of-use.


Jamming units to time-of-day with the internal Real Time Clock is a one button experience with the additional perk of a crisp OLED display. The ACN-CL Lockit can also operate as master by automatically jamming units that are added or restarted during the day.

The OLED also brings the useful 'timecode compare tool' introduced with firmware 6.0, so it is easy to determine if other equipment is still in sync with an accuracy of 1/100 of a frame.

Size & Signals

While smaller units were marked by a prefix such as Tiny or Nano, the ACN-CL proudly carries the name "Lockit"—and it wouldn't do so without supplying both timecode and sync signals.

Designed for today's equipment, the ACN-CL supports 1080P and 1080i genlock for project rates 23.976 to 60 FPS. Audio recorders are covered with wordclock up to 192 KHz.


Dual Lemo output connections provides maximum flexibility and continued use of available cables. TC in and out follow industry standard and allow for syncing of 2 cameras in parallel or jamming via a cable while leaving the synced unit connected.

The primary output carries timecode and genlock/wordclock. This gives you the freedom to choose running it either on straight, Y-split cable or two separate leads using the second connector for timecode which also connects to devices that support ACN for metadata transfer.

Powering & Charging

External power and charging are available through a common USB-C port. Connected to a Mac or PC, the Lockit transforms into a MIDI timecode interface without additional configuration and allows for deep level editing of the settings.

The sync LED is now full RGB with another color for status indication and party mode. All these features and more, are available in a one compact solid aluminum case.

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