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PSC RF Multi SR 4 Pack

PSC RF Multi SR 4 Pack PSC RF Multi SR 4 Pack
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NOTE: This PSC RF Multi SR 4 Pack is the Dual Band version covering 470 to 618 MHz and 940 to 960 MHz (to work with the Lectrosonics 941 Block).

The PSC RF 4 Pack was designed to provide a convenient and compact way of utilizing two slot receivers made by various manufacturers. The RF 4 Pack can be used as a stand-alone unit with other ENG-style mixers or for use by cart-based sound recordists.

Although very similar to the PSC RF 6 Pack, the RF 4 Pack is smaller, more compact version and also incorporates a battery distribution system (BDS). By combining these two products, the end user saves weight, size and cabling in their bag setups. The RF 4 Pack supports both analog and AES Digital audio outputs. It will support up to 8 channels of digital audio when used with the Wisycom receiver in AES mode.

This RF 4 Pack provides RF and power distribution to two slot receivers. It has two RF output connectors for easy daisy-chaining of two units, or to feed RF to another device. The power distribution section accepts two external batteries. These can be NP-1 or the newer "Smart" batteries. A convenient multi-color LED battery meter is provided. Battery metering is selectable for various battery types (voltages). Audio outputs are available as mini XLR and also on a DB-15 multipin connection.

PSC RF Multi SR 4 Pack - Features:

  • Supports two slot receivers
  • Built-in RF distribution and filtering
  • Provides remote antenna powering
  • Built-in battery distribution system
  • Takes two external batteries
  • Provides multi-color LED battery metering

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