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PSC FPSM3PII PowerStar Mini Triple Play II

PSC FPSM3PII PowerStar Mini Triple Play II PSC FPSM3PII PowerStar Mini Triple Play II
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The PSC PowerStar Mini Triple Play II power distribution system provides a convenient way of distributing clean, quiet, reliable 12 Vdc power to all of your ENG bag and small-cart-based audio equipment from one or more rechargeable batteries. The Triple Play II features nine main outputs each designed to deliver up to 2 amps of continuous current. It has a global (total) current limit of 10 amps. A top panel mounted power switch controls the entire operation. This power switch has a three-way design. When switched to the left, only the USB power outputs connectors will be powered on. This allows continued charging of your USB devices such as an iPhone while the rest of your system is powered off. When switched to the center position, everything is turned off including the USB ports. When switched to the right side, everything including the USB connectors is powered on. There is also one connector that is always on and is not controlled by the power switch. This connector is easily identified by the blue ring surrounding the connector.

The PowerStar Mini Triple Play II features PSC's exclusive Silent Power Technology™ designed to filter out unwanted switch mode noise and RF interference from your power lines. These exclusive PSC filters will ensure you of clean, quiet recordings in the field by minimizing unwanted inter-modulation noise, RF interference and other noise sources. PSC's RF filtering will provide better than 34 dB of RF isolation between the outputs from 100 Mhz to 900 Mhz. PSC is the only manufacturer in the industry to go to the trouble and expense of offering this added benefit. Though these filters will not eliminate all noise, they do eliminate most intermodulation noise found in many common power systems. In addition, each of the Triple Play II's power outputs are individually polyfuse-protected. Because of this, if one output is shorted, the remaining outputs will function normally. Power input is via three 4 pin mini XLR connectors located in the front panel. Optional NP-1 battery cups, AC power supply, and an assortment of PSC power cables are available. The PowerStar Mini Triple Play II features reverse polarity protection, genuine Switchcraft™ connectors, a sturdy aircraft aluminum case, tough powder coat finish and a removable stainless steel belt clip with three mounting positions for flexibility in the field.

PSC PowerStar Mini Triple Play II - Features:

  • (3) Power inputs, each with up to 5 amp capacity
  • (9) Main power outputs, one always on
  • (10) Amps (148 watts) global power output on main outputs
  • (3) USB power outputs with 2 amp capacity each
  • Polyfuse protection on all inputs and outputs
  • PSC quiet power technology filtering on all outputs
  • Multi-color LED battery voltage meter
  • Three-way mountable belt clip for easy bag mounting
  • Robust aircraft aluminum housing with powder coat finish
  • Made in the USA

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