Lectrosonics Introduces the SRc and SRc5P Digital Hybrid Wireless® Dual-Channel Diversity “Slot” Receivers with Smart Tuning and SuperSlot™ Compatibility


Rio Rancho, NM (March 2016) — Lectrosonics is pleased to introduce SRc and SRc5P Digital Hybrid Wireless® dual-channel diversity “slot” receivers with Smart Tuning and SuperSlot™ compatibility, designed for top performance in tough RF environments, making them ideally suited for field production and other applications challenged by rough conditions.

The Lectrosonics SRc and SRc5P units each consist of two receivers which are built into a single, ultra-compact housing, with optional adaptors for video camera receiver slots and for standalone use. The two internal receivers can be operated separately, each using switching, antenna combining diversity, or in tandem with ratio diversity reception. The audio inputs of the receivers can be mixed internally or left separated for discrete recording tracks or external mixing. The 5P variant allows dual channel operation for cameras with only one audio channel in the slot.

These new Digital Hybrid Wireless dual-channel diversity slot receivers include a wide tuning range of three standard Lectrosonics blocks or 76 MHz. Tuning steps of 100 kHz or 25 kHz allow for up to 3072 frequencies per band. Tracking front-end filters provide excellent out-of-band rejection of RF noise, making the receivers ideal performers in extreme RF conditions.  And DSP compatibility modes allow the receivers to be used with a variety of Lectrosonics systems, including the IFB transmitters, as well as a variety of other wireless systems. An IR (infrared) port is included to simplify setup with IR enabled transmitters.

The SmartTune feature quickly and automatically selects frequencies based on local scan data. Audio frequency response: 40 Hz – 20 kHz +- 1dB. Four frequency ranges are available for worldwide use: A1 (470-537 MHz or blocks 470, 19, and 20), B1 (537-614 MHz or blocks 21, 22 and 23), B2 (563-640 MHz or blocks 22, 23 and 24) and C1 (614-691 MHz or blocks 24, 25 and 26).

“I’m particularly excited about the SRc and SRc5P receivers,” says Karl Winkler, Vice President of Sales/Service for Lectrosonics. “The combination of the wide tuning range and tracking filters makes these products ideal for today’s challenging RF environment, while the convenience features like SmartTune™ and the IR port make it really quick to get up and running. It’s really a lot of technology in a very small package.”

A variety of output adaptors and mounting options are also available for the SRc and SRc5P for camera slot or external mounting operation.

MAP: $2,299 – SRc | $2,459 – SRc5P
Availability: Q2 2016

Video: Zoom F8 8-Channel Multitrack Recorder With Time Code

The Zoom F8 created quite a buzz when it was first revealed at NAB this past spring. Well, it’s now available for pre-order and slated for shipping late August. With a robust feature-set delivered at an incredibly reasonable price point, the Zoom F8 is a game changer in field production sound. Here are some of its features:

  • Full time code support
  • Standard metadata entry
  • Dual media recording
  • Multiple power options
  • High quality microphone preamps
  • Extremely small size (7 x 5.5 x 2.1 in) and weight (2.1 lbs)
  • Wireless Bluetooth control via Zoom F8 Control App (iOS)
  • 8 tracks with time code for under $1K!

At $999.99, you may want to get your Zoom F8 now!

Video: Aaton Cantar X-3 In-Depth Review

Mike Paul, Location Sound’s Technical Director presents an in-depth look at the new Cantar X3 portable recorder from Aaton Digital. The Cantar X3 24-Track recorder features a wide array of input and output options, with support for Analog, AES3, AES42 and Dante I/O and can record multiple streams to up to four on-board media choices. An embedded 10-channel mix surface, full timecode capabilities, WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet and HD-SDI are just some of the remarkable features of this powerful new deviceAn in-depth look at the new Cantar X3 portable recorder from Aaton Digital. The Cantar X3 24-Track recorder features a wide array of input and output options, with support for Analog, AES3, AES42 and Dante I/O and can record multiple streams to up to four on-board media choices. An embedded 10-channel mix surface, full timecode capabilities, WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet and HD-SDI are just some of the remarkable features of this powerful new device.

To learn more about this product, view the video now or go to the Cantar X3 page on our website. Location Sound is accepting pre-orders. Estimated availability is August 2015.

Video Devices PIX-E Family Will Debut At NAB 2015

Video Devices PIX-E Family

At NAB 2015, the new Video Devices PIX-E Series of portable field recording monitors will be available for preview. The series includes three camera mount models; PIX-E5H, PIX-E5 and the PIX-E7. These recording field monitors are made for camera operators who need fast, high-quality tools to ensure their vision is captured with complete confidence. The PIX-E recorders were designed with an incredible set of features and withstand the harsh production environments of professionals.

This new line of Video Devices monitors feature 1920×1080 five-inch (PIX-E5 and PIX-E5H) and 1920×1200 seven-inch (PIX-E7) LCDs, a full suite of precision monitoring tools, SDI and HDMI I/O, plus the ability to record 4K and Apple ProRes 4444 XQ edit-ready files to affordable mSATA-based SpeedDrives. The PIX-E5 and PIX–E5H are presently the world’s most compact 4K recording monitors.

The PIX-E monitors feature compact, die-cast metal housings and an LCD display protected by Gorilla® Glass 2, making them the ideal choice for cinematographers and videographers looking for monitors that can stand up to the rigors of the most extreme and demanding production environments. PIX-E includes PIX-Assist™, an impressive suite of monitoring tools including TapZoom™ for unrivalled focusing speed, false colors and zebras to help set exposure, guide markers for framing, LUTs and a range of scopes including waveform monitor, histogram and vectorscope. These new on-camera monitors incorporate a ‘best-of-both-worlds’ user interface that combines easy-to-access tactile buttons and an intuitive touch screen.

A great monitor needs to be accurate; it must be able to show the finest detail, be viewable in bright sunlight, and have a range of easy-to-access tools that aid with perfecting the focus, exposure, framing and color balance. These new Video Devices monitors do all of those things and with their ability to record the highest quality Apple ProRes edit-ready video, the PIX-Es are an affordable must-have tool for any video production professional. Come and check PIX-E out at NAB 2015 (Booth C6040).

MAP Pricing & Availability:
PIX-E5 – $1395 | Summer 2015
PIX-E5H – $1195 | 2 months after PIX-E5
PIX-E7 – $1595 | September 2015

Video: PSC M5 Pro Universal Shock Mount

Our latest video installment features the new PSC M5 Pro Universal Shockmount. The new PSC M5 Pro shock mount with Clear Glide™ Technology builds upon the fundamental design principles of the original PSC/McDonald universal shock mount in use world-wide since 1985. It is made from robust, light weight aircraft aluminum and utilizes a unique clear glide three stage vibration isolation system to virtually eliminate the physical transmission of all unwanted low frequency rumble and handling noise.

To learn more about this product, view the video now or go to this PSC M5 Pro page on our website.

PSC Demo/Open House + Raffle @ Location Sound, March 12, 2015



SAVE THE DATE: Thursday, March 12 from 10 am – 1 pm
PSC Demo/Open House + Raffle @ Location Sound

Stop by LSC as PSC President, Ron Meyer demonstrates his new product offerings for production sound mixers:
M5 Pro Shock Mount
PowerStar Mini Triple Play Power Distribution System
Solice Mini Audio Mixer

Not only will you see all three products up-close, but you’ll also have Ron’s undivided attention for those questions you might have on the proper use of his new products.

We’re giving away (1) M5 Pro and (1) Triple Play to two unique and lucky winners! That’s a prize value of $112 and $365 respectively! Don’t miss out on your chance to win. Here’s the fine print: Sign-up the day of the event. No purchase necessary. You need not be present to win.

Refreshments, from Porto’s Bakery, will be served. No need to RSVP. If you’re in the area, just come right in!


Sound Devices 688 Takes Field Production To The Next Level

*** Location Sound is now accepting pre-orders for the Sound Devices 688 and SL-6. Special introductory pricing is good thru April 30, 2015. ***

Sound Devices 688 - Front View

Sound Devices introduces its next generation field mixer with the ground-breaking 688, a 12-input, 16-track portable mixer/recorder. The new 688 is the center of an extensible mixing and recording system incorporating MixAssist™, Sound Devices automatic mixing technology. The 688 accepts the new SL-6 SuperSlot™ powering and wireless accessory. A mixing bag comprised of a 688 with attached SL-6 plus SuperSlot-compatible wireless offers audio mixing, recording and wireless receiver control all from the mixer, with dramatically simplified power distribution and interconnection.

Representing a major evolution of Sound Devices’ mixer and recorder products, the 688 harnesses the best of Sound Devices’ successful 633, 664 and 788T-SSD. “The 688 is the most powerful portable mixer/recorder available,” says Matt Anderson, CEO of Sound Devices. “We’ve included features called-out by our customers, including 12-channels of MixAssist, 12-inputs, eight-outputs, digital mixing and routing, 192 kHz sampling, audio delay on both inputs and outputs, PowerSafe™ and QuickBoot. When used with the SL-6 accessory, the 688 provides tight integration and control of wireless manufacturers’ slot-compatible receivers with no cabling required.”

Sound Devices 688 with SL-6

The optional SL-6 powering and wireless system, available July 2015, dramatically simplifies interconnection between the 688 and multiple channels of wireless by accepting up to three dual-channel slot-compatible receivers. Using Sound Devices’ developed SuperSlot interconnection standard, the SL-6 offers all powering, audio interconnection and control needed for SuperSlot-compatible receivers. The SL-6 attaches directly to the 688 and offers built-in NP-1 battery powering for the 688 mixer, slot receivers, plus four additional DC outputs for external peripherals. The SL-6 also offers built-in antenna distribution.

“We are continually developing technologies that offer more flexibility and choice to our customers, and we have achieved this with the SL-6 and SuperSlot,” says Paul Isaacs, VP of Marketing and Product Design at Sound Devices. “With SuperSlot, Sound Devices developed an open specification that will certainly become the new standard for wireless integration with audio mixers and recorders.”

Regarded as the industry’s first non-proprietary, open wireless control and interfacing standard, SuperSlot is the result of Sound Devices’ collaboration with a number of leading wireless manufacturers including Lectrosonics, Sennheiser and Wisycom.

“Lectrosonics is excited to partner with Sound Devices with this new integration interface,” says Gordon Moore, Vice President of Lectrosonics. “By offering centralized control and interoperability, we see this as another step forward in making the life of the professional mixer easier. For existing owners of the SRb, an audio board upgrade will be made available through the Lectrosonics service department. All future Lectrosonics slot products will be SuperSlot-compatible. SRas will need the SRb upgrade plus the audio board upgrade. Unaltered SR receivers will provide audio through the slot but control functions will not be available.”

“We are excited to have collaborated with Sound Devices during the development of the SuperSlot format,” says Tobias Von Allwörden, Product Manager Broadcast and Media for Sennheiser. “As a new open standard, we look forward to hearing the feedback from the industry on this groundbreaking new protocol.”

“One of the most common issues in professional audio is setup and interoperability,” says Massimo Polo, Sales & Marketing Director, Wisycom. “It was a pleasure working with Sound Devices to enable our Wisycom systems to support SuperSlot. Wisycom has recently issued a new MCR42 firmware and a SLK-IKSS rear panel adapter update to accommodate this new technology. The overall wireless capabilities will also benefit from the Sound Devices SL-6’s antenna amplifiers and filters. We continue to develop new firmware updates to support frequency scan, and more, in order to further benefit our customers’ workflow.”

The 688, which is now shipping, is the first 6-series mixer/recorder to incorporate Sound Devices’ MixAssist technology. First introduced with the 788T, MixAssist has been expanded in the 688 to offer 12-channel automatic mixing capability. Using the most sophisticated algorithm on the market today, MixAssist automatically attenuates the level of inactive inputs and maintains consistent background levels regardless of the number of open microphones. Comb filtering and phasing artifacts are also reduced by intelligently attenuating microphones receiving the same audio signal.

The 688 provides six high-bandwidth mic/line XLR inputs, each complete with phantom power, high-pass filter, analog input limiter and variable pan, plus six additional line-level TA3 inputs for additional flexibility in complex productions. All inputs are assignable, pre- or post-fade to eight output buses, left/right plus Aux 1-6. The main left/right mix is available to three outputs simultaneously via transformer-balanced XLR and Hirose outputs.

The 688 also offers 16-track, polyphonic or monophonic broadcast WAV and MP3 file recording to SD and CompactFlash cards. All common sampling rates are supported, including 192 kHz on up to six tracks. The 688 features comprehensive metadata editing, sound report creation, Ambient™ time-code circuitry, two-second turn-on time with QuickBoot, and PowerSafe, a built-in 10-second power reserve to protect against loss of data.

Nov. 12 Open House at Location Sound: Sanken CSR-2 Rear Rejection Shotgun Microphone

Sanken CSR-2 available at Location Sound.LOCATION: Location Sound, North Hollywood, CA
DATE: Tuesday, November 12

TIME: 10 a.m – 2 p.m.

See and hear Sanken’s CSR-2 Rear Rejection Shotgun Microphone up-close! Its rich, natural sound makes the CSR-2 ideal for a wide range of applications such as location sound, public interviews, sports, drama, variety shows, and much more. Features include:

  • Long reach, highly directional shotgun microphone with switchable rear rejection
  • Rich, natural tone with wide-frequency response
  • Exceptionally narrow directivity with optimum reach
  • Suppresses background sensitivity using Sanken’s exclusive rear cancellation technology
  • Proprietary rectangular capsule design for compact, super-sharp directivity
  • Flat frequency response 70 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Easy to handle and operate using 48V phantom power

Jim Pace and Martin Ucik from plus24, Sanken’s US Distributor, will bring a variety of Sanken shotgun microphones from which to compare the CSR-2. Comparison testing doesn’t happen often so take advantage of this open house to hear how all Sanken mics stack up against each other.

Plenty of food and refreshments will be served. No need to RSVP. If you’re in the area, just come right in!

Oct. 21 Open House at Location Sound: Rycote Cyclone Windshield

Rycote Cyclone to be featured  at a Location Sound Open House on Oct. 21Location Sound will host the very first open house showcasing the new Rycote Cyclone Windshield. Coming in from the UK are Simon Davies, Rycote’s Managing Director, and Chris Woolf, Rycote’s Technical Consultant. Scott Boland, President of Redding Audio (Rycote US distributor), will also be in attendance. All three will demonstrate how the Cyclone’s unique multi-suspension design delivers the best wind and shock isolation performance available.

Coffee, tea and plenty of carb-heavy refreshments will be served. No need to RSVP. If you’re in the area, come on in!