Rycote Cyclone

The Cyclone from Rycote is a brand new wind protection system from our friends across the pond. With advanced technology for quietness, and an extremely friendly $699 MAP price, the Cyclone could be a real game changer. Stay tuned for when we get our demo’s in! Although shipping won’t be until late October, LSC is accepting pre-orders on the Cyclone Windshield.

In the meanwhile, check out this Cyclone video:

Lectrosonics L Series “Large Bandwidth” Wireless Microphone Line

*** UPDATE***

The all new L Series “Large Bandwidth” line of wireless microphone systems and components is now available. The L Series wireless line offers two brand new microphone transmitters, and the incredibly versatile, ultra-compact LR receiver. Key to this new line is a 75 MHz wide tuning range, and 25 or 100 kHz tuning steps, yielding up to 3,072 selectable frequencies.

The LMb Transmitter is economical and comes with a fixed 50mW RF power output. Excellent for stage, news and ENG broadcast work. The new LT Transmitter offers user-selectable, 50 or 100 mW power. The LT also has an IR (infrared) sync port for ease of frequency setup and operation with IR-enabled receivers. Both transmitters are powered via two AA batteries.

However, the star of these new products is the ultra-compact LR receiver. It’s designed for use with DSLR, small 4K, and other compact HD cameras. The LR’s diminutive size is exactly what many Lectrosonics fans have been waiting for. The wide tuning bandwidth, with tracking front-end filters, provides plenty of flexibility, while dual antenna diversity improves range and resistance to dropouts. A large, backlit LCD provides instant, clear information for setup and status monitoring.

Contact your favorite LSC Sales Rep for delivery details and to place a PRE-ORDER. Anticipated shipping date is mid-December.

Camera-Mountable Wireless Systems:

Individual L Series components:
LR Receiver
LT Beltpack Transmitter
LMb Beltpack Transmitter



Lectrosonics is poised to roll-out three new products this year dubbed the L Series “Large Bandwidth” line of wireless microphones. This new L Series units all share a wide tuning range of three standard Lectrosonics blocks, or 67.5 to 76.8 MHz, depending on the specific frequency band, and employ Lectrosonics’ patented Digital Hybrid Wireless® technology for compandor-free audio along with compatibility modes for inter-operability with older analog systems. The new L Series product group consists of the LMb Transmitter, and LT Beltpack Transmitter, and the LR Miniature Receiver.

LMb – Digital Hybrid Wireless® Wide Band Transmitter | Available Q4, 2014

The LMb is the latest successor in Lectrosonics’ line of economical beltpack transmitters designed for applications including theater, house of worship, TV, ENG, video and film production. The LMb features an all-metal housing, wire belt clip, 50 mW of RF power, 25 or 100 kHz tuning steps (yielding up to 3,072 selectable frequencies) and an integrated multifunction switch with menu-selectable modes for power, mute or talkback. A graphic LCD and membrane switch panel plus IR synch port make setup and operation a snap. Power is provided via two AA batteries.

LT – Digital Hybrid Wireless® Wide Band Transmitter | Available Q4, 2014
Like the LMb, the LT transmitter features 25 or 100 kHz tuning steps (yielding up to 3,072 selectable frequencies), an integrated multifunction switch with menu-selectable modes for power, mute or talkback, and a graphic LCD and membrane switch panel plus IR synch port for ease of setup and operation. The LT additionally facilitates user-selectable RF transmission power of 50 or 100 mW. A detachable antenna adds to the LT’s versatility by allowing for remote mount antennas. Also, the LT responds to remote commands from either the dedicated Lectrosonics RM remote unit or smartphone apps with this capability. Along with the standard Lectrosonics microphone input, a user-selectable 1 MΩ input is ideal for use with musical instruments, including guitars with passive pickups. The LT is housed in a newly designed machined aluminum housing featuring a super-hard EbNi ‘Ebony’ conductive finish. Power is provided via two AA batteries. Applications for the LT transmitter include TV and film production, ENG, stage, musical instruments, camera hops, corporate AV, and many others.

LR – Ultra-Compact Digital Hybrid Wireless® Wide Band Receiver | Available Q4, 2014

Designed to be ultra-portable for use with DSLR, 4/3, small 4K, and other compact HD cameras, the LR’s diminutive size belies the technology inside. The wide tuning bandwidth with tracking front-end filters provides plenty of flexibility while avoiding the vulnerabilities of wider pass bands. Tuning steps are user selectable at 25 or 100 kHz, yielding up to 3,072 operating frequencies. Compatibility modes enable the LR to operate with older analog transmitters. Dual antenna diversity improves range and resistance to dropouts. The RF spectrum analyzer and Lectrosonics’ SmartTune capability make quick work of finding clean frequencies on site. A large, backlit LCD provides instant, clear information for setup and status monitoring while operational. Detachable antennas allow for remote antenna mounting. The LT is housed in the latest machined aluminum shell with super-hard EbNi ‘Ebony’ conductive finish. The unit is powered with two AA batteries.


  • Compander free audio
  • UHF from 470-698MHz in three bands
  • Choice of tuning setups, 100 or 25 kHz
  • Machine aluminum housing
  • Powered by two AA batteries
  • IR sync port
  • Multifunction switch programmable for Mute, Power, Talkback (LT only) or Disabled
  • 24 bit/88.2 kHz sampling
  • LMb Only: 50mW RF power output
  • LMb, LT Only:
    • 75 MHz pass band covers more than 12 NTSC TV channels or 8 PAL channels
    • Compatible with all Lectrosonics receivers
    • Emulation modes
  • LR Only:
    • Wide band with tracking front end filters for RF reliability
    • Dual Antenna Diversity with detachable antennas
    • Balanced audio output
    • Smart Tune for rapid field setup and frequency selection
    • Backlit LCD
    • Compatibility modes
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):
    • LMb: 3.16 x 2.37 x .82 in | 80.3 x 60.2 x 20.8 mm
    • LT: 2.81 x 2.44 x .74 in | 71.4 x 62 x 18.8 mm
    • LR: 3.22 x 2.44 x .74 in | 81.8 x 62 x 28.8 mm

All three L Series units are available in four different frequency ranges for worldwide use:

  • A1 (470.100 – 537.575 MHz)
  • B1 (537.600 – 614.375 MHz)
  • C1 (614.400 – 691.175 MHz)
  • D1 (691.200 – 767.975 MHz)

​Overall system audio specifications are as follows:

  • Digital Conversion: 24 bit/88.2 kHz sampling rate
  • Frequency Response: 40 to 20 kHz ± 1 dB, THD+N = 0.3 % in Digital Hybrid mode, > 95 dB S/N ratio
  • Audio output levels are adjustable from -50 to +5 dBu in 1dB steps

All of the above devices have not been authorized as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission. They are not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased, until authorization is obtained.

Submitted by Angelica Dewlow, LSC Marketing Director

Portabrace Remakes The Venerable AO Series Audio Organizer Bags


PortaBrace AO Audio Bag, prototype

The redesign of the Portabrace AO series of audio bags will include many specific changes focused on the needs of audio professionals in the field. PortaBrace will be releasing all new AO bags over the coming months. Various sizes will be available, providing great audio bag options for any mixer/recorder setup.

Some of the coming changes include:
1) Reduced size of front pocket
2) Front pocket collapses and fastens flat to the bag
3) Opening added to the rear of the bag, for media cards and battery access
4) Removable sides on both ends now have both NP1/BDS/Transmitter pockets and with cable access
5) Double vinyl rain flap opens away from the body and doubles as an accessory pocket
6) 3 attachment points on each side of the bag, for improved balance
7) Colored interior fabric
8) Longer handles and vinyl
9) Small accessory/battery/media pockets in the front pocket compartment
10) Larger access flap than currently shown in picture
11) Addition of a Velcro system that secures the NP1 in place

Size: 3.5 lbs (without strap)
Interior Dimensions (H x W x D): 6 x 12 x 6

Availability has yet to be announced.

Submitted by Steve Joachim, LSC Sales Manager